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Welcome to LarpForge. This is the tumblr page for the webshow LarpForge.

On LarpForge we make tutorials, DIY, give advice, discussions, tell stories etc. about LARP (Live Action RolePlay). - the LarpForge team

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Hunter, played by the handsome chinburd

May 2014, Epoch Toronto 


Empire LRP photos by Oliver Facey

Link to the video
Conquest 2014

Thanks for a good year at Conquest 2014.
Lot of projects on the table at the moment, but here is some of the footage from this years Conquest, currently the biggest LARP in the world.

As mentioned we meet Vollsanger. You can find his channel her.
Vollsanger (LARP bard):

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Noa as her LARP character Nonemme the elf queen


Doriathské války - LARP battle inspired by Tolkien’s The Silmarillion

Doriathské války LARP -

Photos by Dandušinda -

Video of Doriathské války -