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Welcome to LarpForge. This is the tumblr page for the webshow LarpForge.

On LarpForge we make tutorials, DIY, give advice, discussions, tell stories etc. about LARP (Live Action RolePlay). - the LarpForge team

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Army of The Empire - Warhammer: Smrtihlav 2014 (photos by Lukáš “Viper” Makovička)


By Feral-workshop



Article about the Czech historical reenactment - Live Action Role Playing in the Czech Republic With: Tomáš Lazar Doležal


Other things i’ve been working on:

Green  thick cotton dress with tablet weave trim, not sure if i should sell this one as it’s the first dress i’ve ever made and i’m not sure if its up to snuff… that and im feeling a bit sentimental :P

Pink jaunty peasant hat: same pattern as the green one i made but this was made with a ribbon trim and in wine colored thick cotton and this is a gift for my dear friend kayleigh :)


De la Bête LARP 
Photos by Lukáš “Viper” Makovička